Configuring Outlook Express


This page describes how to modify Outlook Express for use with the Fast Bits Mail System. Outlook, Thunderbird and other mail programs have similar settings. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

Before you begin

You will need the following information to set up your system to use the Fast Bits Mail System. Contact your account administrator or Fast Bits if you are missing any of the following items.
  • Your mail user name and password
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your name, and optionally, your company's name
  • The Fast Bits server settings (see In Brief, following)

In Brief

server requires secure connection (SSL)
port 993
do NOT use Secure Password Authentication (SPA)
server requires secure connection (SSL)
port 995
do NOT use Secure Password Authentication (SPA)
server requires secure connection (SSL)
server requires authentication
user name and password same as incoming server
Port 465

Detailed Instructions for Outlook Express

  • Click on Tools.
  • Click on Accounts in the menu.

Internet Accounts

  • Click on the Add button
  • Select Mail

Internet Connection Wizard - Your Name

  • Type your full name
  • Click Next

Internet Connection Wizard - Internet E-Mail Address

  • Type your E-Mail Address
  • Click Next

Internet Connection Wizard - E-Mail Server Names

  • Verify that My incoming server is a POP3 server
  • Type in the Incoming mail server field
  • Type in the Outgoing Mail Server field
  • Click Next

Internet Connection Wizard - Internet Mail Logon

  • Type your mail user name in the Account name field
  • Type your mail password in the Password field
  • Click Next

Internet Connection Wizard - Congratulations

  • You have completed Internet Connection Wizard.
  • Click Finish

Internet Accounts

You need to adjust some settings that the wizard did not let you specify.
  • Click on the Mail tab
  • Click on the account you just created to select it
  • Click Properties

Server Properties - General

  • Change the server name to "Fast Bits Mail Server"

Fast Bits Server Properties - Servers

  • Click on the Servers tab
  • Check 'My server requires authentication'

Fast Bits Server Properties - Advanced

  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • The outgoing mail (SMTP) port number defaults to 25. Change it to 465.
  • In the Incoming mail (POP3) section, check "This server requires a secure connection"
  • The port number will change to 995
  • Your are done configuring Outlook! Click Ok