E-Mail Hosting

Outsource your e-mail headaches to us. For a low monthly rate per account, you can keep using your existing e-mail clients (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc...) or use our web mail interface. Spam filtering is included.

1 - 25 Accounts
26 - 50 Accounts
  • $2 / Month / Account
  • 200 MB Storage
51 - 100 Accounts
  • $1.75 / Month / Account
  • 500 MB Storage

Talk to us if you need more than 100 accounts, or additional storage. Monthly pricing available. Same day setup. No setup fees.

Domain Registrations

.com $24.35
.ca .net $28.25
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Web Mail Upgraded

The Web Mail interface has been upgraded.more

Hardware Upgrades

The mail server hardware has been upgraded to help deal with the increasing SPAM load.more