No Nonsense Internet Access

We offer both residential and business ADSL throughout Ontario.

No blocked ports

No transfer caps

Want to do VoIP, or use a VPN? No problem. We don't get in your way when you have things to do on Internet. Contact us to get started.

Virtual Private Networks

Do you have multiple offices that need to connect? Do you need access to your office systems when you are at home or travelling? We can implement a VPN solution using Open Source technologies at very low cost. Contact us for more information.

Off Site Backups

Our automated off-site backup service is the missing piece of your disaster recovery plan. What happens to your business if you have no access to your data, or your servers are destroyed or stolen? Do you have customers to bill? Orders to track? We can have you back up and running quickly after disaster takes out your primary systems. Talk to us for more information.

Domain Registrations

.com $24.35
.ca .net $28.25
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Web Mail Upgraded

The Web Mail interface has been upgraded.more

Hardware Upgrades

The mail server hardware has been upgraded to help deal with the increasing SPAM load.more